Our most popular and strongest form of cnhancement for your nails. Derable and low maintenance. Recommendes for those with naturally weak, brittle nails.
Acrylic Overlay $25.00
Acrylic Full Set $25.00
Acrylic Fill Set with white tips $31.00
Acrylic Full-ins $17.00 & up
Pink $ White or Color Powder
Pink and White, also called permanent frencho or two toneo A popular look among women. This is classic clean and matural. Always shiny and ready to go. Also prevents yellow coloring.
Full Set (Pink & White) $45.00 & up
Full Set (Pink & Color) $45.00 & up
Full-ins (Pink & White / or Color) $37.00
Pink Fill-ins Only $25.00 & up
Solar Nail – Pink & White $45.00
UV Gel
UV Gel is a type of coating, over natural or acrylic nails. Recimmended for those who constantly work with their hands
Get Full Set $35.00 & up
Get Fill-ins $25.00 & up
Solar Nails – Pink & White $40.00 & up
Silk wrap & Fiber Class Gel